There are plenty of different ways to learn music, whether you’re playing by ear or by studying. Some of us are lucky enough to learn at our mother’s knee. Some of us learn an instrument by ear; others learn by studying. Either way, the goal is to find something that works for you.

Here Are Eight Ways to Help You Find Your Musical Style:

Understand What musical style is.

One of the best ways to figure out what style of music you want to play is to know which one you want to learn. As an aspiring musician, one of the first things you ought to understand is that learning to play an instrument like the piano and reading music, while very important, is not the only factor that determines how successful you will be as a musician.

Listening to the Songs You Like and Dislike.

The best way to learn to play the piano is to listen to the music you like and dislike. Music has tremendous power in bringing out emotions. Listen to those songs that move you, make you cry, make you feel good, make you laugh, make you angry, make you think, make you jump up and down, and make you dance. Listen to them over and over until you understand and remember them.

Listening to Varied Music Genres.

Learning the piano is a lot of fun, but it can be intimidating for beginners. There are so many musical styles to learn, and they can all sound very different. But not to worry! Even though you may not know where to start, playing jazz, classical, country, blues, and more all sound great to your ear. You probably just enjoy listening to these genres, so learning to play them on your own piano makes sense.

Stick to Your Purpose.

Deciding what you want out of music is very important. If you are just out to learn piano for yourself to jam with your friends, then you won’t need the most expensive or even the best instrument. If you want to take music lessons, obviously you will need a high-quality instrument. But whatever your musical goals are, you probably want to find a band or group to join.

Be Patient.

Learning to play the piano may seem daunting, but these days there is so much free advice online to help you learn. And, yes, there is talent required, but you don’t need to be a virtuoso. All you need is patience and persistence.

Follow a Musician Who Inspires You.

You are at a place where you are thinking about pursuing music. But playing music and being a musician are two different things. Following a famous musician like Jay-Z or Beyonce can show you the difference. Maybe after following a Beyonce tour you come to realize that your musical style is not simply sitting and playing but rather more performative. Seeing the life and efforts artists put into their music can put your own journey into perspective and perhaps motivate you to do more.

Trial and Error.

Learning the piano is somewhat like learning a language in that you have to immerse yourself in it, take lessons, and practice as much as possible.


Knowing how to read sheet music isn’t optional if you want to play the piano. Many people just give up on learning to read sheet music altogether. The skills required are hard at first to learn, but as you progress, they become easier.

There isn’t a single right way to play the trumpet or the piano. It’s entirely up to you to decide how you want to play, what kind of music you want to play, and what kind of equipment you want to use.

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