If you’ve been itching to start creating the music you’ve always wanted to make, it’s finally time to take action. But before you jump in headfirst, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of an independent music career versus a full-fledged one.

An independent music career can be very lucrative, but most people don’t know that it’s a lot of hard work. Do you want to spend most of your time traveling and performing at small venues? Or do you want to make music readily available for public consumption?

During the time we live in, being an independent artist is more complex than ever. With the internet boom, music is now more accessible and available than ever. Anyone with an internet connection, recording equipment, and a computer can become a music artist. And thanks to the internet, anyone can now become a fan of their favorite artists.

Being an Independent Artist is Hard

It is difficult to start

Being an independent musician is a dream for many aspiring artists, but not everyone is cut out for it. It takes more effort than you think to be an independent musician, especially if you are just starting out. Primarily, you need to learn how to market yourself. You need to have a presence on social media, develop a brand, and spend time developing your music. On top of this, you need to have the right equipment, know the right people, and know how to build a strong fan base. Without this, it will be difficult to make the right amount of impact on the industry and could set you further back.

Connections are limited

This type of career, to many, is considered to be one of life’s great luxuries. You get to decide what you do for a living, as well as when, where, and how to do it, and you continue to get paid for it long after you retire. But being an independent artist also comes with a serious downside: limited connections. Connecting with like-minded people is easier than ever, but if you’re looking for regular access to industry mentors and connections, you’ll probably have to do more work on your own.

Benefits of Becoming an Independent Artist

Time Management

As an artist, you have control over your own time, and when you are your own boss, you have total freedom to structure your day exactly the way you want it to be. But most artists don’t take advantage of that free time, instead opting to spend it trying to keep up with the day-to-day grind of their label company. The option will be there for you, however, so at least you will get the choice.


Independent artists seem to be far more in control of their own work than their counterparts from a traditional record label. This is because independent artists have more freedom over their own music. In a music studio, an editor usually decides what music goes where and in what order. Additionally, there is the sound engineer who determines the volume of the beat and the instruments. Another person usually arranges the lyrics, so they do not sound awkward or out of place. As an independent artist, you have complete creative control over your music, meaning you can see it through from start to finish.

Keep All the Money for Themselves

Independent music artists keep all the money they make and they don’t have to answer to anyone nor worry about inventory or sales. Being independent means you get all the profits, not just some of them. You are the boss, not the investor. You have creative control and can make the decisions you feel are best for the music, not for someone else’s bottom line. Music is art, and art should be self-expressive. Artists should be free to make whatever music they want and reap the financial rewards for doing so.

No Hassle

When an artist signs to a record label, they often have to put aside creative control. They may not be able to record the exact sound they want, the album cover they envision, or their song’s melody. The label may suggest other acts they think would be a better fit for them, and, of course, artists are often forced (or encouraged) to follow their label’s marketing plan.

Being an independent artist, however, gives you the freedom to do what you want and the freedom to do your job.

So, independent music careers require a lot of dedication and hard work. However, if you are dedicated, work hard, and believe in it, you have a great chance of making a great independent music career for yourself.

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