Touring has been a big part of my life. It is always an escape from reality and I get to learn many things. Also, as a lover of art, traveling has taken me to numerous museums and exhibitions where I have enjoyed some of the world’s greatest artwork.

My travel escapades have led me to different destinations in the world. In recent years, I have also moved from the museum and come to fall in love with street art. Such art is used to communicate messages that the society around it is passionate about. It is gradually becoming something mainstream, with some destinations even using street art to market themselves. Some of the greatest street art locations I have visited include:

New York

This is a city in the United States with some of the best artwork inscribed on its streets. During my visit here, a major highlight was the attractive graffiti on the streets. I came across several wall paintings. One that caught my eye was the Long Island City’s 5′ Wall. The Long Island City’s 5′ Wall has covered an area of slightly above 200,000 square feet with street art becoming a top attraction. Both local and international artists were involved in creating this outstanding piece of art.


My trips to Germany are never complete without a visit to Berlin. Street art in Berlin describes the city and how it has changed over the years. The best artistic mural I found in this city was on the East Side Gallery on the old Berlin Wall. The artistic work on this wall has varying themes, most of it being politically driven. Once I saw this fantastic mural, I went home and asked my boss if we could get some corporate custom murals made for the office. Murals can tell stories, as well as looking beautiful! Luckily, my boss agreed and the murals are going to be painted in a few months! So glad I visited them in Berlin as it made me appreciate how gorgeous a mural can be.


One thing that made me yearn to visit Mexico was the tales I used to hear about how Mexico City streets have a lot of artwork. My expectations on the street art here were quite high and I must say the city does not disappoint. I experienced some of the best pieces of art here. The city boasts some of the most prominent artists who are responsible for the exemplary artistic work. It makes one want to stay there and experience it for as long as possible. And there’s no dearth of places to stay either. Whether it’s affordable hostels, or the more luxurious villas (which you can find plenty of, here:, Mexico offers variety for tourists and travelers of all kinds!


My visit to Portugal was brief but rewarding. Being a mural lover, I wished my trip to Portugal was longer so that I could enjoy the attractive views in the city brought by the likable wall art. Most of these wall arts inscribed on abandoned buildings by local artists have transformed them into galleries. One of my friends also suggested that I try learning a new sport such as Kitesurfen Portugal (Kitesurfing Portugal). I might give it a shot next time when I visit this place.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a highly popular tourist city in Australia because of the top street art there. The stories I have heard left me with a lot of suspense. I had to make an effort to experience the wall art personally. Something unique about this city’s street work is that most of them are government-approved. The government commissions artwork by local artists. The best pieces of art I found were at the Central Business District on the Caledonian and Hosier lanes. The brains behind these works are Anthony Lister and Rone.

Melaka, Malaysia

My traveling desire led me to Melaka where street art is a common thing. The most popular murals in this city include the Lenong Seni Art House, Eight running horses, and the Ladies in costume. There is a t-shirt selling gallery known as The Orangutan House that has a large Orangutan painting outside. An artwork that struck my eye was The Boat. By appearance, the piece of art seemed like recent work. It is a Chinese painting showing workers unloading cargo from a boat. There is a poem written in Chinese that helped me understand the artwork, thanks to my helpful interpreter.

São Paulo

Sao Paulo is a Brazilian city with the best street art in the South American continent. Street art is thriving in this city such that it attracts some of the best international artists like Urban Hearts and Paris’ C215. Business places such as hotels use wall art to attract customers. The best street I visited with extraordinary artwork is the Vila Madalena.


Street art in Paris tells different stories. The best wall art I experienced here was The Free Bird which was painted by a famous street art artist called Mister Pee. This was one of his original works and made my visit there worth it.

Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol City is popularly known as home to some of the best street artists worldwide. They have practiced and perfected their art on the city’s streets. During my visit to Bristol, I saw pieces of quality graffiti written on the streets, bridges, and building walls. My best highlight was at the Bristol Harbour of a painting by Banksy known as Central Bristol: Grim Reaper.

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