Art magazines are a special kind of periodical devoted to the art world, which usually means an artist-focused publication. The term “art” in the title is somewhat of a misnomer since art is an entire field of study, and it’s not limited to paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc. The word “magazine” is used because the publications often contain articles about art, but they don’t contain (or even include) art itself.

Some art magazines are more arts-focused, while others are more focused on specific art forms like photography. In the world of visual art, there are a lot of different magazines, journals, and publications. They vary in size, content, and even price. It might depend on the magazine brand, copy quality, booklet material, and more (to learn about printing quality, check out However, they all share one thing in common, and they are all dedicated to covering visual art. These are the art magazines and journals for artists, collectors, dealers, and curators.

There are many art magazines out there, but what does a good art magazine look like? Maybe it’s the quality of the coffee table books in the issue, the subject matter, the layout of the magazine, the quality of the paper, the care in printing, and of course, the content. The artworld is huge, and the number and quality of magazines dedicated to the field are increasing. Below are a few of the best art magazines to keep up with the latest news and trends in the art world.


As you’d expect from a magazine dedicated to contemporary and contemporary-related works of art, ARTNews covers the latest news in the world of contemporary art, with an emphasis on events and exhibitions, as well as artists and art critics. ARTnews is the bible of the art world. Its success stems from its ability to provide comprehensive coverage of the art world while also maintaining a stylish, readable tone that’s accessible to anyone.

ARTnews has been around since 1967, and ever since the magazine’s inception, the focus of the publication has been on reviewing contemporary art and educating the public on the world of contemporary art. ARTnews was founded as a magazine of the art world and has always been the voice of the art community. ARTnews has become one of the highest respected art magazines on the planet, with a reputation for superior reporting, insightful reviews, and thought-provoking editorials. ARTnews is the only art magazine with a daily blog and the only art magazine to offer a free online art course. ARTnews also features a blog with the best art news from around the world.


Juxtapoz is a publication devoted to celebrating the work of the world’s most extraordinary, ground-breaking, and influential contemporary and emerging visual artists. It is a visual community of artists, thinkers, and influencers who engage in art, culture, and design explorations.

The magazine has been around for a long time and was started in 1983. The magazine releases a new issue every year. The magazine also features images from around the world and has plenty of great artists. The content of Juxtapoz covers a wide range of visual themes and is distributed through a variety of media. Juxtapoz is the ultimate source for anything visually challenging. Each issue is packed with comprehensive coverage, unprecedented images, exclusive interviews, and essential critical analysis.

Art In America

While it’s hard to imagine that a magazine dedicated to art could really be the best of anything, it turns out that Art in America, which has been around since 1896, is one of the best. What sets it apart is that it’s not just a magazine; it’s a place where artists can sell their work and interact with followers.

Art In America is the first magazine to do what every other art magazine has always failed to do: to publish art that can be dismissed as “fine art.” For the past half-century, Art in America has been one of the leading art magazines in the world. Art in America is one of the most influential art publications in the world, publishing a mix of the latest works, creative innovations, and long-established artists. It has recognized the work of one generation after another, from minimalism to post-minimalism, from conceptual art to pop art, from conceptual art in New York to conceptual art in Seattle.