We all know that when two people, male and female, unite because of love, throwing a wedding party is usually the best way to celebrate their love affair. And yes, so many things go into making a great wedding event, right from choosing a suitable gown and reception venue to cutlery service providers, guests, and many more. What about the choice of music? Well, that is where we come in as DJs. While we may have excelled in DJing at other events, that does not mean that we can do a fantastic job at a wedding. A wedding is a unique event, and we have a diverse crowd to please, including the bride, the groom, their parents, and the children. Thus, we will need to be at our best in order to succeed at such an event. Let’s check these five success tips.

Keeping Time

As wedding DJs, we simply cannot afford to arrive at the event late, no way. That is because we are the cog in the machine, and being late can hold the whole event to ransom, causing frustration. To ensure that we arrive just in time for the event, it is advisable to liaise with the event organizers on the timescales. Arriving at the scene early also gives us ample time to set our DJing equipment up and test everything just to ensure it is working. We don’t want to discover that a cable is missing at the last minute.

Knowing Which Song Requests to Take

A wedding event is a special occasion for the bride and the groom; it is not an event for everyone despite the crowd. Thus, we must filter all the song requests and know what to play and what not to. Of course, we have to fulfill the requests from the newly-weds; they are the event owners. Any other suggestions coming from other people have to be looked at carefully before being granted. It’s not good to allow the crowd to hijack the event for their own selfish interests.

Having a Backup

I just used my DJing equipment the previous night, and it worked so well, so I don’t need a backup. That is a significant risk; we should not take it at all. As DJs, we know that things can break or go wrong when we least expect them. Thus, having a backup is more than essential, especially if the event is taking place far away from town, where getting a spare audio cable is almost impossible. Some of the vital things that need backups include a charger, a laptop, power cables, etc.

Having a Vast Music Library Collection

The worst scenario is when we are requested to play a song that we don’t have in our library. At a wedding ceremony, it is not surprising to hear someone ask for a song we have never even heard of, especially when it is a traditional wedding. Doing some research about the culture of the people who are at the wedding in advance will help us to know what our song library should contain. I have attended wedding events where only traditional songs were played, and the DJ seemed to have rehearsed well in advance, so everything went smooth.

Being Highly Professional

Our professionalism begins long before we get our first gig to play at a wedding ceremony. We must create a website, for instance, and optimize it using best SEO practices (visit https://victoriousseo.com/ to know more). It can be essential to optimize the website as doing that can generate more traffic. Additionally, this is where potential wedding clients can find us, and it is also a place where they can learn more about us, including our career experience and past work.

The competition in the DJing world has always been high, and a minor mistake in how we do things can deny us opportunities. Are we present on social media? Social media presents a huge opportunity to engage with people and know what they want. We can also market ourselves on social media, outlining all the DJing services we provide.

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