As one of the top-rated professional photographers around, I strive to be nothing short of the best. To achieve this goal, I indulge in a plethora of activities to hone my skills. Some of them include purchasing high-quality equipment, taking art classes, studying other excellent photographers’ work, and experimenting with more creative techniques.

Again, I make sure that I adequately prepare for client photoshoots to be as successful as planned. The tips below have always been handy when doing so.

Understand the Client’s Brand

I’ve enjoyed being in the photography industry for decades. My vast experience has enabled me to learn a few important things about keeping my clients happy. One of them is that comprehending their brand is critical. To learn more about a client and what they do, I read all the material I can find about them. I also ask them a few questions about what they hope to achieve after the photoshoot. This allows me to grasp the brand’s visual identity and create a plan to maintain it.

Check Out the Location

I create time to do a tech scout of the photoshoot’s location before the day of the occasion. In photography, location is one of the critical aspects that affect the quality of the shots. The tech scout allows me to know whether or not I can comfortably meet the client’s needs. If not, I suggest another location.

For instance, if we’re shooting in a studio, I can confirm that the available space is enough for my team and me to work in. If my client is a fashion blogger, I check if the location has adequate lighting, depending on what they want. If not, I plan to bring my quality lighting equipment.

Checking a photoshoot’s location also helps me know the complications to anticipate and how to deal with them should they happen. A few months ago, I was shooting in an outdoor setting, but it was during winter. It snowed on that day, and my client panicked because they didn’t want to cancel the photoshoot. Even so, I expected something like that, and I had a few critical snow photography tips up my sleeves. I’m glad to say we aced that photo session!

Make Sure I Have All the Necessary Gear or Equipment

Lacking the required gear or equipment can cause a lot of issues during a photoshoot. Hence, I make sure that I have everything I need to take fantastic shots. What I need to pull off a particular photo session depends on the desires of the client. For example, if the client is a restaurant or food company owner and I’m taking a photo of their restaurant meal, then one piece of equipment I should consider is food photo backdrops suitable for the product. Sometimes the client will want dazzling effects that will require one or two props to pull off. I make an effort to get it, even if it means borrowing from friends. Sometimes, I rent the equipment or buy it if I have the finances.

Sometimes, I might also recommend to my clients that they select a location or purchase or bring equipment that reflects their niche and interests in photography. For instance, if the client is a hardcore luxury car enthusiast and wants a photoshoot centered around their love for luxury cars, simple photo backdrops may not capture the vibe and aesthetic they desire. In such cases, it can be a good idea to use their own car as the backdrop for the photoshoot. And, if the client doesn’t own a luxury car, I even offer them the option to rent exotic cars of their choice.

Additionally, I prepare the photography gear/equipment prior to the photo session. I do this by:

  • Checking my cameras’ settings and condition
  • Cleaning the equipment
  • Charging batteries

Keep Time

Most of my clients know me for arriving early at the location of the photoshoot. This helps me set up the space and ensure that everything’s ready by the time my customers get there. As I wait for them, I review the details of the entire photo session. It’s the most effective way to ensure that I give them my best. Maybe, I might even order a beautiful bouquet of flowers, from a Cheltenham florist or from any nearby flower shops, depending on the client I am meeting. That would make quite the impression. After all, every client is unique to me, and I want them to keep coming back.

While waiting for my treasured customers to show up, I also enjoy fun things such as listening to music, visualizing, and drinking a latte.

These strategies have helped me kick my photography career up a notch. Prepping for photoshoots allows me to fulfill my clients’ wishes. I make sure that I know their needs before the day of the event so that I can plan ahead. Obviously, how I prepare depends on various things such as the photoshoot location and the number of clients I have on that particular occasion. The photoshoot’s simplicity and the client’s brand also come into play.

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