In the past, I noticed that the equipment needed to become a DJ was prohibitively expensive. When I first started out on my own DJing career, it took me numerous gigs to make up enough money to get a return on this investment. However, today’s DJs can easily pull off a professional-sounding set with their smartphone. In recent years, I have seen a massive change in the industry thanks to smartphone technology’s fantastic innovations, and the fact that smartphones are now more affordable than ever (and even more so if you are able to find a Cricket promo code on a site like Raise).

Pros and Cons

Despite the positive changes phones have made to the music industry, there are several drawbacks to using them during a DJ gig. Storage will be limited, so if I have an extensive music library, I may have to cherry-pick tracks. The capability of streaming is also reliant on a strong Wi-Fi connection. If it suddenly cuts out, it could disrupt my entire show.

On the other hand, it is fair to say that the pros far outweigh the cons. Phones allow for an awe-inspiring amount of portability, which I could never have dreamed of when I first started out as a DJ. They also offer an intuitive interface, making gig tasks far less complicated. Furthermore, I no longer have to bring all of my hardcopy music to sets. Instead, I can stream music directly from the internet, providing that wherever I am has one of the great spectrum internet packages, or a package from another provider, to deliver a strong connection that won’t cut out (although it’s best to have a good mobile data phone package too, just in case). The best thing about smartphones is that they can be utilized by anyone to achieve their dream of becoming a DJ.

Controller Decks

There are a plethora of controller decks that are compatible with either iOS or Android phones. They work very much in the same way that older analog decks do. Once I tried one out for the first time, I ditched my older deck as the modern counterparts have many benefits. They are far less bulky to transport, which is a big plus for me. I no longer have to worry about my deck taking up space in the car.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Plenty of other types of DJing devices can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. I bring a complicated lighting system to my gigs, and with a phone, I am able to set the colors and timings. I can even sync the lights up with my music. I now use wireless speakers, which also have a Bluetooth connection.

Audio Editing Apps

A big part of my DJ sets involves playing music that I have heavily edited. This could include splicing multiple tracks together or making transitions so that the show flows more smoothly. I prefer to use in-phone apps to achieve this. They give me a more significant amount of control than with older analog methods. The edited tracks can be saved as MP3 files, which are very convenient for my setup.

Streaming Music

When people think of DJs, they may imagine that vinyl is used a lot. This was certainly the case in my earlier days. However, now I much prefer streaming music from my smartphone. Popular songs are accessible in a far easier way than they ever have been before. Instead of going into a record store and seeking out a track, it is instantly available to me. Streaming apps are a DJ’s best friend. Just make sure that you have enough mobile internet in your plan to support your streaming – if you’re looking for a new plan, you could look here to see what AT&T have to offer when it comes to data. You don’t want to run out of data and for everything to go silent in the middle of your set!

Recording Performances

Once I have completed a set, I like to have a record of it. Even very cheap modern smartphones can take HD video footage. When my gigs are going exceptionally well, I take out my phone and record myself. I often upload this footage onto the internet to generate interest in my work. Not only can you now record your performance, but you can even live stream your show using software like can be found at This has been a great addition for DJs who have been unable to perform as a result of the pandemic.

Developing an Online Following

It is fair to say that most DJs now gain recognition through the internet. I have created several profiles on social media to make the general public aware of my shows. Having an online following is essential if the DJs of today wish to succeed commercially. Cultivating a fan base on the internet means I can generate a much more significant amount of ticket sales.

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